SOL- Day 2 – In like a Lion

The weather here in Massachusetts is crazy stormy today!! Hurricane strength winds, pouring rain, and dark and dreary. It’s 40 degrees though, which means, at least it’s not SNOW!

Days like this make me just want to curl up on my couch with a cup of warm coffee and a good book! The work week is done and excited for a few days of sleeping in, (which is until like 7:00 am for me) and just some relaxation. I LOVE these weekends when we have nothing planned. Usually our life is so planned and weekends are just as crazy busy as the week, but this weekend we have nothing. My plan… to get caught up on some grading, do some organizing around the house, write of course, and just enjoy the two day break! It doesn’t happen very often where I have nothing I “Have” to do or anywhere I “HAVE” to be, so bring on the wind and the rain! 🙂


6 thoughts on “SOL- Day 2 – In like a Lion

  1. We had a wind day today and, as much as I love being with my students, it was such a gift. Those days to recharge, relax, catch up and have that open time are wonderful. Especially when they are an unexpected gift. Enjoy your quiet weekend!

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  2. It’s very windy here in Pennsylvania too. We started out with rain but got surprised with snow! Crazy out there! Sounds like the perfect weekend! Love those kind of weekends! Enjoy!


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