Day 1: The NEW world of teaching

I really wanted my first slice of this challenge to be something uplifting and positive, however the reality of the day in my classroom today leads me down another road. This morning my school had a mandatory “lockdown” drill. In where I had to “hide” my 22 5th graders, lock and barricade my doors, and basically “practice” what we would do if there was an active shooter in the building, but it wasn’t safe to leave.

Can I just say that in light of what’s happening in our country with school shootings this “practice drill” was emotional for my students as well as for me. 😦  My slice-of-life_individual are 11 years old and unfortunately, they get what we are doing with these drills, and why. I feel like these practices just cause them more anxiety.  We can’t just  have a drill and go about our day teaching, like we can with a fire drill. The students had questions (good ones) and concerns (valid ones) and the reality of the situation is that there is no “DEFINITIVE” way or GUARANTEE that we would be able to keep them all safe if we ever were in a real, active shooter situation. They know it and we know it, and that is just scary.

Of course, we will do everything we can to protect them, to keep them safe. We will try our best, but the truth is, it might not be enough. Sigh. It’s such a frightening, sad, time in our country when we all have to think about these things as a possiblity,  and practice for the “what ifs”. Also, as an educator to realize that on top of all the other hats we wear in our profession, that we are also responsible to try to save the lives of our students as well. It just makes me so very sad. As a mom, and as an educator. That being said,  I’m going to go hug my 7-year-old now. I promise tomorrow’s slice will be more upbeat and light.Have a good night all.

9 thoughts on “Day 1: The NEW world of teaching

  1. I hated the drills and I taught high school. And those kids were pretty aware of what had happened in other areas and why we were practicing. The questions were heartbreaking…

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  2. I remember these drills, too, but when we did them it was for an “intruder” not an active shooter, as school shootings weren’t prevalent and a real concern. I can’t imagine the anguish teachers have now with everything going on in the states. Thank you for remaining a teacher and touching lives, despite the scariness of it all.

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  3. I’m with you. I’ve had students ask tough questions that are sobering no matter the age. Knowing that we are all feeling anxious and scared is our common thread that we carry because we love all of our children dearly. Thank you for sharing from your heart.

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  4. My son is in Kindergarten this year and gets anxious every time there is any kind of “drill” at school. I also hate that this is the world we are in and wished I could turn a blind eye to it…which I know is exactly what I shouldn’t do! I am sorry that you had to go through this and that your first slice had to be more discouraging than encouraging. Here’s looking to better days ahead! Thank you for sharing!

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  5. Ugh, I feel you. We had our active shooter training last week on a professional development day. It was hard and scary and emotional. But luckily our students weren’t there. And I always do learn a lot. This was our SWAT team “refresher” because we had the official training 3 years ago. What’s scary to me is that it’s gotten worse in those 3 years.

    On another note, I remembered your blog from last year and I’m happy to see you are back this year!

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