SOL Day 8: Differences

As I sit here with my coffee, about to slice… I can hear my 7 year old son in his playroom. He is taking a video of himself as he “shows off” something “very cool” that he invented today. He is talking into his leap pad and I have to say, he is explaining the steps and what he’s doing very well in his “How to” video!

On one hand,  I’m very happy that he’s in there playing and using his imagination, but the other part of me can’t believe that he thought to get his leap pad and record a video of himself. However, This is the “new world” we live in now though. People document EVERY. THING. So, why wouldn’t my son want to document and share what he built? I’m laughing listening to him in there, as he’s so cute, but I’m also wondering… “Oh my god, how is he so good at this? How does he know exactly what to say to his “audience”. Clearly because he’s seen plenty of these types of “how to” videos before. So.. as I sat.. my mind started going very quickly down this road…

“Oh No! Is my son going to be one of those kids who just makes 1,000 YouTube videos that nobody cares about?” It just started me thinking about how different it is now and I began to go down the road of how it happened so quickly…. and how as a society, we just feel the need to overshare everything. Wait…What is happening to us??!

Teaching 10 and 11 year olds all day, I know that they are all on their phones, documenting everything on Instagram, Snapchat,  and creating music videos on Musically. This is how many of them spend most of their free time whenever they are NOT in school.  My students without phones, and the ability to SEE what is happening on these sites and apps, feel they are being left out. It really troubles and upset them. They need to be part of this “Cybersocial” world to be part of their social groups!

It is a different time and this is how our socitey lives now. It’s not just our kids either. As Adults, we are doing it all the time too. We share and overshare every. last. aspect of our days, our lives, our experiences. It is all out there. We know who is with who and where they are and what they are doing. We know what they ate and/or drank, we know if they went shopping or to the movies, what they are watching on tv, and whether or not they worked out that day. When did we care so much about what everyone else was doing every second? When did we all decide that it was important to share with everyone what we are doing, watching, listening to, feeling, etc.  When did it become so important for others to KNOW everything about us? It’s so surreal to think about it sometimes.

Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram and Snap Chat are not just for the “youngsters”. Plenty of us are posting and documenting photos/videos daily! While I am quite proud to say that I don’t “Snap” or “tweet”,  I am guilty of not just checking Facebook daily, but at times “checking in” somewhere as well.  Why though? I ask myself. I guess so everyone will know where I am and what I’m doing. For what? I wonder… In case I go missing?? Yikes.. what am I doing?? Yet, it’s WHAT WE DO.

It’s so bizarre when we stop and think about it. Definitely A different time,  and a different world. How did I get HERE from listening to my son making a video on his leappad (that nobody will ever see)?  I guess it just scares me a bit that my son will be a “cyber social” person, but maybe won’t really be SOCIAL in real-life face to face situations with people”?? I know it’s probably silly. He’s seven. He has friends. I shouldn’t worry that he can’t even look up when he’s on the Ipad right??? Hmm. I hope the tides turn soon, and we all go back to just living our own private lives and not caring so much what everyone else is doing. Just a little. Just some of the time….



5 thoughts on “SOL Day 8: Differences

  1. I worry about the same thing! Has all of this technology made us out of touch? Too involved? Unable to relate? I agree with you that I hope the tides will turn. But to be honest, we are a propelling this behavior through the SOL challenge, aren’t we?

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    1. Stacey, I thought of that as well. Right? : ) I guess because we are a community of educators/writers and what we are doing has more substance and purpose then the social media over share.. at least I hope so. Yes, It really makes you think for sure. Thanks! 🙂


  2. This is a very reflective slice. It definitely made me think about how much we all share. Sometimes it’s good–sharing tips and resources–and other times it’s oversharing. I hope we all get better at finding the right balance for us.

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