SOLSC Day 10: Top 10 Lists

Okay, so since I’ve had a very hard, emotional week I felt I needed to lighten up the mood a bit today and decided to come up with some Top 10’s in my life! I feel that my three most important jobs I have are being a Mom, A wife, and an Educator. Today, I will share the top 10 things about each. 🙂

Top 10 Things I LOVE about being Brayden’s Mom:

  1. Cuddling on the couch reading books before bed
  2. Hugs and kisses and unconditional love.
  3. Listening to him tell stories about his day and how excited he gets.
  4. Listening to him read on his own.
  5. The display of artwork around my house.
  6. The notes, cards and post Its he writes to me telling me he loves me.
  7. Dance parties in the kitchen.
  8. That everyday I am amazed as I witness him becoming his own little person.
  9. Movie nights under a blankie in our pjs with popcorn.
  10. That he is a kind, gentle soul and knowing I might have had something to do with that.

Top 10 Things I love about being married.

  1. I have someone who always has my back and vice versa.
  2. That even after all these years, he makes me laugh everyday.
  3. That even at my worst, sick/tired/cranky he loves me.
  4. We still are silly and have fun together. (We dance and sing a lot)
  5.  The comfort of just sitting on the couch together, watching a show or just being together while we are both reading or doing work.
  6. Watching him be a really great dad to our son.
  7. He knows me better than anyone and even myself sometimes.
  8. Even when I’m feeling low and down about myself, he sees me as strong and beautiful.
  9. That we have made it through hell and back together.
  10. He still makes me smile and at least once a day I realize that I’m still so in love with him.

Top 10 things I love about being a teacher.

  1. Everyday is different.
  2. I am challenged and learn something new from my students everyday.
  3. The excitement on their faces when we are about to start a new project/activity.
  4. The feeling of accomplishment when we know we made a difference to one of them.
  5. That feeling you get when one of them finally “gets it” and they’d been struggling.
  6. That they want to share their stories and lives with you.
  7. Witnessing how much they grow from September to June.
  8. That I still get “first day of school” jitters after 13 years.
  9. Connecting with those kiddos that you know really needed it.
  10. That my job is still fun, rewarding, and every year I’m ready and excited to start again.

7 thoughts on “SOLSC Day 10: Top 10 Lists

  1. Sorry you had a tough week…I can imagine it was very emotional. I love that you took the time to reflect upon and give gratitude for yourself. You sound like a pretty awesome person! 🙂


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