SOLSC Day 9: Remembering

Today. March 9th, 2017 marks 15 years since we lost my brother after a long two year battle with Leukemia. Today I thought a great way to honor his memory is to share  15 things about him and being his sister.

  1. His name was Andrew (named after my dad and grandfather) however, he had three nicknames. The family called him Drew. His “girlfriends” all called him Andy, and his group of buddies nicknamed him “Butch.”
  2. He stayed back in the first grade after a tough year and a diagnosis of dyslexia, but ended up loving to read as he got older.
  3. Even though he drove me crazy when we were kids, he truly was my best friend, especially when we were both in our twenties and did almost everything together!
  4. He was afraid of nothing. Seriously, nothing that I can think of. Even as a child he was fearless, and he stayed that way until the very end.
  5. When we were teenagers he was the one who always got away with everything and I was the one who always got caught.
  6.  He always had a great sense of humor. He was funny and quick-witted, although his teasing could be relentless at times.
  7. He was more sarcastic than I am, which is really hard to be…
  8. He always really loved GOOD music. It began with The Police – Synchronicity Album when he was in 4th grade!
  9. We graduated from Northeastern University in Boston together on the same day. Me with my Master’s in Counseling Psych, him with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice.
  10. When he got diagnosed, he had just been accepted on the Seattle State Police and was planning on moving cross country.
  11. He began coaching Pop Warner football after his diagnosis and realized how much he loved working with the kids. His whole team of 10 and 11 year olds came in uniform to his service.
  12. When he got sick, he never once got angry about it. Not once. He stayed pretty positive up until the end.
  13. Although they never met, He and my husband have the same birthday.
  14. A month before he passed, he and I had the best heart to heart where he asked if I was going to be okay when he went. He also told me that he had written 3 letters, one to each of our parents, and one for me to read after he was gone. It was his eulogy.
  15. As heartbreaking as it was, being with him when he died that day was a gift. There was something beautiful about it and knowing that his spirit was finally free. No more sickness, no more pain.



11 thoughts on “SOLSC Day 9: Remembering

  1. This is beautiful. I’m so sorry for your loss, and I know today must be hard. I think #13 is such a sign! Also, #12 – he sounds like an amazing person to never get angry about such an unfair disease. It sounds like he touched many lives and lived a full one.

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  2. There’s really no comment that will do this beautiful post justice today other than to say Thank You for sharing these special memories. Hoping you have a day filled with peace and comfort.

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  3. So beautiful! Since he loved reading and football, he would have loved Steve Sheinkin’s new book “Undefeated: Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football‎”. Pop Warner plays a big part. I highly recommend it .

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