SOLSC Day 11: Truths


As I sit here on this VERY cold Saturday morning, I am grateful for my coffee, but also feeling a little bit annoyed at the moment. This is due to the fact that I was woken up at 6:00 am by an adorable six-year old,  (did I mention it’s Saturday!??) while as usual, my husband lays upstairs, uninterrupted in deep slumber. This is the way it is in our house. The roles we play. Mommy is ALWAYS the one to get up with Brayden and starts her day boom, right out of the gate. Painting, coloring, making breakfast, and answering 10,000 questions all by 7:00 am. Daddy.. sleeps. So my truth, I’m a little annoyed. I love my husband, and I love my child, but sometimes it would be nice to be the one who gets a little alone, undisturbed time. So, in the spirit of honesty, I figured it might be fun on March 11th, Day 11 of this challenge, to come up with 11 truths about myself to share. 🙂

  1. I REALLY am an early riser. Always have been, probably always will be. Truth, I actually really enjoy the quiet, alone time in the early morning. Although, that is something that doesn’t happen anymore. Ever.
  2. I am not a winter person. At. All. I don’t ski or snowboard anymore as the thought of being outside, all day in the freezing cold, is not appealing to me at all. It’s Not that I just don’t like the cold, but more like the seasonal affect disorder type. My mood is actually darker after the holidays until spring.
  3. I AM a summer person. I love the beach, flip-flops, the smell of sunscreen, and the feeling of the warm sun on my face. (I know, I know, it’s not good for me.)
  4. In the last few years I have developed a love affair with coffee in the morning. A warm cup of caramel-vanilla coffee with a splash of french vanilla coconut creamer is like heaven in a cup. (And the best thing about winter after Christmas)
  5. I am phobic of bees. Seriously. Phobic. Not bumblebees but the yellow-jacket, hornet, wasp variety. If there is one in my house and I am alone, I will (and have) fly into a full-blown panic attack before I can formulate a plan. The plan is usually to leave and call my husband to go kill it.
  6. I have a Master’s in Counseling Psychology as well as my Master’s in Education. Before I was an elementary school teacher I worked as a child/adolescent therapist for a few years and also dabbled in corporate training. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.
  7. When I graduated college in 1995, I drove cross-country with my then boyfriend, and lived in Scottsdale, Arizona for a little over two years. While it only lasted a few months out there with the boyfriend, but a childhood friend joined me and we were roommates for the rest of the time I lived there.
  8. When I was 19, I wrote a whole book. I filled up two/three notebooks and finished an entire story. I remember being so proud of it at the time but on a bad day I ended up trashing it. I still regret it.
  9. Many years before I met my husband, I was previously engaged. He was a nice guy, but not the “one.” We got engaged in June, 2000 and were supposed to get married in August, 2001. I called it off in February, six months before the wedding. I met my husband in 2005 and we got married in August, 2009. This was plenty of time for my dad to get over the “sting” of losing his down payment on the venue and my dress from the first wedding before paying for another one. 🙂
  10. On October 27th 2014 I had a double-mastectomy with reconstruction after being diagnosed with early breast cancer in my right breast. It was a long few weeks of biopsies, a lumpectomy, genetic testing, etc. before an official diagnosis. I was very lucky that it was only Stage 1, but due to my extensive family history of breast cancer, and that I was so young and had a high percentage of a recurrence, I decided to do the “big” surgery to prevent having to deal with any of that again. When they went in,  my surgeon found that it was also in the left breast, although it had been completely undetected up until then. Morale of story, always go with your gut.
  11. Okay, last truth. I am still annoyed that my husband is asleep….

9 thoughts on “SOLSC Day 11: Truths

  1. It seems like each of these items could be a slice in itself! There’s a huge story behind each of them. Almost like hyperlinks. I hope your husband gets up soon and cooks breakfast, or takes you out to do something fun!

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  2. Your truths weave a rich tapestry of life. Some are intense and profound, others are light and and refreshing. I find it fascinating what surfaces when people pull up the truths or highlights or points in their life to share. Thanks!!

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  3. Love your vulnerability and honesty that you show in this post! We have some things in common, and a few others where we are complete opposites. I am VERY AFRAID of anything with a stinger…like freak-out mode afraid! I also hate really cold weather (after the initial excitement which lasts like a week), but revel in summer! Good thing I’m living in Thailand and moving to Indonesia in July…always warm! I am NOT a morning person at all, despite being a teacher, and I absolutely HATE coffee. Tea is my jam. 🙂

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  4. Might steal this format! Thanks for sharing! I am only a morning person after I get fed, and have at least two cups of coffee on me! I make it a goal every city I visit I try to watch the sun rise! Loved this post!


  5. I am also a morning person. The flip side is that I don;t stay up very late at night. With a husband and son, you probably stay up far later than I do. Like Aggie, I love your vulnerability and the honesty you share in #11.


  6. Thanks for sharing about your breast cancer and following your gut. I have also gone through a mastectomy. I also learned that doctors aren’t always right… go with your gut lesson. It’s true!


  7. I enjoyed reading your 11 truths. Fun format and sentence structure. Your scenario with your husband reminds me a lot about my house! I’m the one waking up with the kids while he sleeps in til 9 or 10 on the weekends! His excuse usually is that he wakes up an hour before me for work or that he was awake… just not up – like that counts. Thanks for sharing!


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