March SOL Day 6: Still Working…


So when I first started slicing for the March Challenge in 2017, I titled my blog “Work in Progress” . How true this statement was, and still is for me. I feel it is true in so many aspects of my life.  Continuing to work  on my writing, and trying to make time for it daily. (I sucked at it recently, so hoping the challenge gets me back in the groove.)  Working on my relationships (personal and professional) and being the best mom, wife, teacher, and friend, and just version of myself that I can be. Working on finding balance between work, home, family, friends, Brayden’s activities, finding time for myself, etc.. The biggest aspect of my Work in Progress is continuing to work on accepting myself and just being comfortable in my own skin. (Not always easy for me.) Some days are much better than others of course.

My husband told me recently that I was too hard on myself, and the truth is he’s right! It doesn’t take much for me to go down a pretty negative road when I feel bloated, tired, old. I say things like “I’m ugly, I”m fat, I look gross…” And it’s out of my mouth before I can stop it. He hates it, and gets upset when I am hard on myself. It is not easy to admit this about myself, and I’m not sure why it’s so easy sometimes for me to think and SAY these things about myself.  There are many positives to me… I am healthy, strong, funny, and try to be kind to others always. I have a good heart and care about people. Most of the time I am a good mom, I have a good career that most days makes me happy and fulfilled. I have great friends, and an amazing husband. I have a huge, crazy, fun family that are all live very close to us, and we see often. There is so much in my life that is good… and when I’m feeling down, this is what I need to do. Remember all the good. Journal, do yoga, go for a walk, heal.  Focusing on the good and the positive, and not letting the “negative” thoughts win, or allow me to go down that rabbit hole. Yes, I am STILL A Work in Progress….


4 thoughts on “March SOL Day 6: Still Working…

  1. We are all works in progress! And we all have down days, but it’s on those days that we need to practice self-love the most. Looks like you know how awesome you are…now you just need to transfer that to everyday, especially the hard ones! Hope you think about your fabulousness today. 🙂


  2. Thank goodness we’re all works in progress. I couldn’t imagine if there was a finish line (Well…if you really think about it I guess there is a finish line, but let’s not think about that). Life is constantly evolving and we have to be patient and love ourselves. Thanks for posting because we are not alone. 😉

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  3. It’s so easy to get into that rut of negative self talk. Glad you have a great support system. I remember once telling myself I was a “fake” mom… sheesh.. sounds so silly when I say it out loud. I know I’m also a work in progress!

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