Books Books and more Books!

It is officially summer. All the tell-tale signs are present. I don’t have to set my alarm for 5:00 am, my son began swimming lessons and camp, and I have an endless supply of literature to read!!!! 🙂 This is truly one of my favorite parts of the summer break is that I have the time to actually read, and read I do.

I have already finished one book that I began late last week, All the Missing Girls,  and now am wrapping up my 2nd book of the last week, The Lost Girls. This one is okay, but I have to finish it soon so I can start one of the new ones that I just ordered from Amazon with my $125 gift card (an  appreciation gift from my class). Yup, the majority of the $ was spent on books for me! The rest was spent on a new planner, and some sight word flash cards for my son! I bought four new books and couldn’t be more excited. I’m already chopping at the bit to get more that are on my list, as I know these will not last very long.

Although I try so hard to find the time to read during the school year, it is impossible! At winter/April break I can usually finish a book, but other than that, it is so hard for me to find the time. However, once summer hits, I go into “Reading” mode and it’s game on! I catch up and easily finish a book or two a week. It is one of my favorite parts about summer!!!  I feel like this tradition began when I was a kid, actually. While I was always a reader and read throughout the school year, during the summers, I often had my face in a book. Whether at the beach, in the backyard or in my room, I would read and read for hours. Back then, I could even read in the car on long rides. (Although, now I just get nauseous!)

Finally, it is that time of the year! The time of the year I get to relax with a good book!!!!!

Happy Summer and Happy Reading!



3 thoughts on “Books Books and more Books!

  1. Summer reading is the best. I finally picked up my public library Adult Summer reading bingo card.I never win anything, but I am just as excited as the kids to turn mine in.


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