Well my 5th graders are all hard at work right now. First day of the ELA MCAS test. So it begins. I feel that they were ready and as prepared as they could be. It is such a crazy thing to me, these standardized tests and the weight they are given. I’m looking around my room at my 19 students and know that some of them are going to nail this, as it just comes easy to them. Some are going to put in 100% and do great. Others are going to try their best and do okay… and others won’t do so great. It just is the way it is. Then they are going to get a score, a score that’s going to be a reflection on how “Well” they did this year, How “Well” I did this year. The grades on their report cards, the work they did with their groups in Science creating water filters, the research they did on the causes of the Revolutionary War, the presentations they did on their Historical Fiction books of choice, won’t “count”, however this ONE test will.

I think of a few of my students in particular and how far they’ve come this year in their reading and writing. How much they’ve grown in these last few months. Yet, that won’t be taken into account either. It breaks my heart. They and I will be “scored” based on how they do on this one assessment. It is just so depressing to think about.

On that note, as I look around and watch them work, I feel proud. They are great kids, they are doing their best,  and I know that each and every one of them is much more than a score on a test.


One thought on “SOL: MCAS Day 1

  1. It’s such a sad state of affairs that it all comes down to a test…that’s my biggest complaint about the educational system in the US. I hope it will change. I know you’ve prepared them, and I hope they do well, but I also hope they understand that this test doesn’t define them.


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