SOLSC Day 29: Becoming a Writer Again

I can’t believe it’s already day 29 of this writing challenge. Just TWO more days to go and we’re done. I am feeling very accomplished, but I’m also sad to see it end too. I have really enjoyed writing daily, and also READING so many wonderful, thoughtful, slices and getting to know so many people in this community through what they share. I am 100% planning on continuing on with the Tuesday Slice of Life, and am excited that I have that to look forward to.

However, getting back into writing this past month has felt amazing, almost as if a part of me that had been asleep had finally woke up! Going forward, I really don’t want to give that up, and I know how easy it could be, as I’ve done it before. Life gets in the way, we get busy, and before we know it, we’ve stopped.

So, I’m calling this post my accountability post that after 3/31 I continue. I challenge MYSELF to writing at least FIVE days a week. My goal will be to do all seven, but realistically, I know stuff happens, and 5 will be my minimum. Now, to figure out what I do? Do I continue with my blog? Do I start to write fiction again, as I did when I was in my 20’s? Do I just open a google document and see what comes out? Or do I do all three??!

As you may have read in a previous slice, my students have also been involved in a March Writing challenge and have been LOVING it. They have asked if we can do it again, so we’ve decided that since we have vacation in April, we will do another 31 days in May! šŸ™‚ I plan to do this daily writing challenge with my students as well. I feel it will be a great way to connect with my students! I am so thrilled at the way they took to the writing challenge, and how some of my reluctant writers, have thrived with it!

So to wrap up, I’m just feeling very thankful for this community and the opportunity it gave me to get involved in this writing challenge. It has not only been an amazing experience for me, but also for my students.


5 thoughts on “SOLSC Day 29: Becoming a Writer Again

  1. Wonderful! Isn’t it amazing what this 31 day challenge can do. I was at a TCWRP workshop recently and the trainer told us about an ex-marathoner who planned to run every day, but committed to running three days a week. She ran those three days without fail, and, the other days of the week if time and family commitments allowed. You could decide on an absolute must, and write on those days without fail. Then, if you have time, write on the other days too.


  2. I couldn’t agree more! This is my 3rd year doing the challenge, and something really clicked for me this year. I’m also hoping to continue writing on a regular basis, thinking I can commit to three days a week. I’m so glad you decided to participate this year! I look forward to continuing to read your writing!

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  3. That is a great analogy of sleeping and then waking up. I can hear and feel your enthusiasm in this post. You have truly embraced the challenge. I haven’t tried this with my students yet so thank you for the positive comments about that, maybe I can try it for May too.

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