SOLSC Day 28: What’s in a number?

Today, I really didn’t know what I was going to slice about. However, after looking at the title SOLSC Day 28, and the date 3/28/17 on the wall… I’m really thinking about the #28. Hmm. It has actual real significance and meaning to me which I know sounds weird but it’s true. So what is it about 28?

Well, to start the house I grew up in for the first thirteen years of my childhood was 28 Chapel Street. It was a very old house owned by my great-grandmother and her sister. It was also the “first” home I knew, and it holds so many memories of the “early years” with me and my brother.  I remember it all so well. The hill in our backyard we used to run and sled down. The creepy dark attic, the old tub with the lion paw feet. The way our voices would echo in the hallway upstairs. The house was old and drafty and I’m pretty convinced it was definitely haunted, but it had SO much character and I miss it.

Fast forward about 25 years and Randy and I are looking to move out of our condo and to buy our first home. I remember the day in April, 2010 when he was at the firehouse, that I decided to go to a few Open Houses. It was the third house I pulled up to that day. A small white cape with blue shutters and a porch. 28 Crane Street. “This is my house” a voice in my head said as I shut off my car. I had such a calm feeling as I walked up the walk way and to the front door. Something about it just felt “right” and I hadn’t even seen the inside yet. Well, I went in and fell in love with this cute, little, cape house. As I was walking back to my car, I called my friend Lauri, who was my realtor, and Randy and told them both that I may have just found our house. I told my husband he needed to come see it the next day. Lauri called and made an appt. for him and her to go check it out. Randy love it as well, so we decided to make an offer, which they accepted.  We bought our first house, 28 Crane Street. Ironically, we signed the P&S on April 28th and we closed.. June 28th, 2010.

So, my last “real” connection to the #28 is the date of August 28th. My brother, Drew, and my husband, Randy both share this date as their birthday.  I still remember the night I met Randy. I was still working my 2nd job as a bartender and he had come in for dinner with a friend of his that I knew from being a regular at the restaurant. We got to talking and he jokingly asked me if I was going to card him. So, of course, I did. When I looked at his license and saw his Date of Birth, that same little voice was in my head. “This is your husband.”  Obviously, I didn’t get married to him right away or anything but he did come in the next Friday night, by himself, and asked me out on a date. So, four years later, he did become my husband. 🙂

Which brings me to August 28, 2008. Drew was gone then just over six years, and Randy and I had been together one month shy of three years. He knew that while I loved celebrating HIS birthday, it was a bittersweet day for me as it was also my brother’s birthday, and Drew was no longer here. At that time, I was still teaching first grade and on that date, 8/28/08,  we were having an “Open House/Meet and Greet” for our new students.

I had been there all morning, setting up the classroom and making sure it was read, when Randy came in to visit me with lunch and flowers. It was about noon time and Open House began at 1:00 pm. I was happy to see him, and for the Greek salad, but I was preoccupied with making sure I was ready for the families coming in soon. He asked em to come to the table to sit down and eat, and I was still walking around doing stuff. I finally did, and was opening my water, when he shocked me by getting down on one knee. What was happening?!! Right then and there, in my old classroom, less than an hour prior to 19 first graders and their parents coming in, he proposed to me. On his birthday. On Drew’s birthday. I was shocked. Even today, I still remember what he said,

“the best birthday present I could ask for is for you to be my wife.” Swoon. It was kind of perfect.

So needless to say the #28 holds a very special place in my heart.



8 thoughts on “SOLSC Day 28: What’s in a number?

  1. It’s fascinating to think about the meaning behind some of the numbers in our lives. Thanks for sharing about the 28th with us.

    My husband’s immediate family were all born on dates that included a seven. My due date with my daughter was supposed to be 1/7. My mother-in-law was over the moon about that. (But then she came early!)

    I hope the 28th day of March treats you well!

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    1. Thanks! I love stuff like that. I had a student last year who he, his dad, and all three of his siblings were born on the 17th of the months. It’s crazy how certain numbers come up like that within families 🙂


  2. Howdy, I’ll say 28 is a special number for you! Thanks for sharing these very special experiences. I enjoyed reading your description of your first house 28 Chapel Street and then your next home 28 Crane Street.

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  3. I love your proposal story! It is interesting how numbers show up repeatedly in our lives–28 is a special one for me, too (my birthday is 11/28 and my grandpa’s was 5/28–we used to tease each other about sharing our birthdays with the other one’s half birthday). Enjoy 3/28 today!

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