What’s happening in the Here and Now



This slice was inspired by another slicer who did a similar format a few weeks ago and I really liked the idea.

Thinking about: What I can write about for the next five days, my course work I need to complete for my online class, and how much I can get done before my yoga class at 4:00 pm.

Thankful for: Brayden, my husband Randy, my family and friends, my health. Oh and Also, that April Vacation is just three weeks  away!

Wishing For: That the snow would all melt, Spring would come and stay! Oh and to win the lottery so we can buy our dream house!

Planning For: How I’m going to complete my coursework in the next two weeks, what I will be teaching next week, and Randy and I’s get away April 18th-20th. 🙂

Reading: Presently I have been reading a LOT of slices and blog posts and have been loving it. Have the book The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware ready to go for my book club.

Watching: Currently loving the HBO miniseries Big Little Lies based on the book which I loved. Also, Scandal and Designated Survivor are two shows on the DVR weekly. Otherwise it’s HGTV, Friends or Big Bang Theory reruns on TBS! Oh and I’m having withdrawls already from This is US.

Listening to: In this very moment I’m listening to Shrek that’s on TV in the living room. However, in the car and on Pandora it’s been a lot of Live Police and U-2! 🙂

Drinking: Water and about to make a cup of green mint tea! 🙂

Mood: Happy. Relieved that I got the house clean yesterday and grocery shopping is done! I have no where to be today and can just hang out at home with the family.



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