SOLSC Day 25: A Good Deed

So it’s 1:12 pm EST and I’ve already had a VERY productive day.  Worked out- check, cleaned the house-check, laundry-check, grocery story trip 1 (whole foods will be tomorrow)-check and now getting to slice before my cousin comes over with his family for a “play date” for the kids and the adults! 🙂

This morning I ran to the supermarket to pick up a few things that we needed before doing my big shop tomorrow. I was playing “beat the clock” a bit as I wanted to get home make Brayden lunch and shower and get ready before our guests arrived. Per usual there was only one “Express” lane open and there was a bit of a line. No biggie, I thought. I was sort of daydreaming as I waited until I was close enough to put my 12 items on the belt. The woman in front of me, was a petite, older woman, maybe in her 70’s. She reminded me of a grandma that they would be illustrated in a children’s book. Down to the scarf tied around her head. I wasn’t paying too much attention to what she was buying or how she was paying until the cashier told her there was not enough money on her card. It was then that I saw it was an EBT card.

“You don’t have enough to cover this.” The cashier said with a bit of annoyance.

The older woman looked very confused. “What? What do you mean?”

“You have a balance of $6.41.” She snapped at the old woman.

Okay, I get she had a long line and was a bit stressed out. I watched the older woman look in her wallet and the sad, confused, look on her face.

“I think I need to put something back.” She said softly.

At this point, I am looking in my own purse if I have cash on me as I was planning on paying with my debit card. I had a $10 bill. Phew.

“Well, now I have to void everything out because I already ran your card. We have to take everything off and ring it back in.” The cashier was talking at the woman, not very nicely I might add.

It was then that I just reached over and handed her the $10.

She looked up at me confused.

“Take it out of that.” I said quietly.

“Are you sure?” the cashier asked surprised. She was looking at me like I was a crazy person.

“Yes.” I smiled. “Go ahead.”

The older woman looked confused as the cashier cashed out her order and for a minute I don’t think she realized what had just happened. She looked over to me with a look of relif, appreciation, and a bit of surprise.

“Thank you so much.” She said smiling to me as she was handed her receipt. “Thank you.”

The cashier never even said good bye to her or told her to have a good day or anything. I don’t know why, but this is what I remember the most. It felt good to do something nice for someone, to do the right thing. However, what sticks out to me was how annoyed and actually… rude the cashier was to this poor old woman. Even when she rang me up. She never made eye contact, never mentioned what had happened. Just robotic, cold and it made me think that there really needs to be a bit more kindness and good in this world. slice-of-life_individual


6 thoughts on “SOLSC Day 25: A Good Deed

  1. I feel so sad for that older woman! You did a really good deed. I wonder what was going on in that cashier’s life that made her act that way…

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  2. Wow! What a powerful slice! It brought tears to my eyes to see how terribly she was treated. I hope that one day that cashier will understand how she treated that woman when someone is there for her when she needs it. She probably felt guilty because she had a need in front of her that she was not prepared to meet. The old woman was requesting patience and kindness, and maybe even monetary help form her without saying a word, just by her dilemma. And the cashier felt unprepared to give and so she was cold to you too for showing how she had failed by your kindness. She knew. So sad. Good for you for being that hero! Our actions have very far reaching ripples that we do not see.

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  3. Love the way you wrote about this your perspective of your surroundings and your feelings about what was happening. What you did was very kind and I found myself thinking of my own grandmother that gets confused sometimes. I hope someone like you is standing behind her in line at the grocery store.

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