SOLSC Day 24: Happy Birthday Bampi



Today I am remembering my grandfather, Joe Curran, who would be 87 today. He was truly the most wonderful, loving, caring man I ever knew. Yes, I love my husband and my dad, and they are both wonderful, but there was just something about my grandfather that was so special. He was always positive and proud and filled with unconditional love. He made me and everyone he was surrounded by feel like they mattered. His name, Bampi, was given to him by me, the oldest of his nine grand children, who when I started talking, called him “Bampi” instead of Grampie and it just stuck. I have so many wonderful memories of him from childhood right up through adulthood, and I know how blessed I am to have had him in my life as long as I did. I also am so grateful that Brayden got to meet his great-grandfather and to have him in his life for a little bit of time.

On this day, four years, ago, we celebrated his 83rd birthday with him. It was the last birthday that he was here with us, as he passed in May just six weeks later. He was so happy to be with his family, but especially with his great-grandchildren. At the time, it was just Brayden and my cousin’s daughter Chloe. Brayden was only two at the time, and Chloe just three months old, but he adored them both so much. Brayden and him were like “best buds”, every time we’d visit, my grandfather would take out a big bowl of strawberries, both of their favorite, for them to share together. It was the cutest thing. They would sit together and chat away and eat their snack together and they had a very special bond. I was the oldest grand child and my child was the oldest great-grandchild.

I still find it fascinating that even though he was only two years old when we lost him, Brayden still remembers his Bampi, and talks about him a lot. He tells me he remembers his chair at the house that they always sat in, and that he had a boo-boo on his face. This was actually true, as my grandfather had surgery to have a mole removed from his face a few weeks before he passed and had a big bandage on his cheek the last time Brayden saw him. He truly remembers him.

They are similar, my son and my grandfather, both being kind souls that see the good in people. It’s such a wonderful quality and I love that I see a bit of him in my son.

The picture below was actually taken on his 83rd birthday, and I’m so thankful that I was able to capture this moment. It’s so precious and I love it so much. Happy Birthday Bampi. We miss you and love you so much.

Bampi and brayden


4 thoughts on “SOLSC Day 24: Happy Birthday Bampi

  1. It’s amazing to see pieces of the grandparents we’ve lost in our own kids, isn’t it? I’m glad you shared your beautiful memories today. Sending you good wishes as you remember your grandfather today, too!

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