SOLSC Day 20: Spring is Here!

Since today is the first day of Spring and the 20th day of the challenge I thought I’d come up with a list of 20 of my favorite things about Springtime!

  1. Running! I love doing 5Ks in the spring more than any other time of year.
  2. The temperature when it’s not too warm and not too cold. 🙂
  3. Fresh air.. Oh, the joy of being able to air out my house and my classroom by opening the windows!
  4. Seeing the grass. I love when the snow is gone for good, and my yard is green!!!
  5. Flowers. Especially Tulips.
  6. NOT wearing gloves, heavy scarfs, my winter coat and boots!!
  7. Pedicures (I skip them pretty much from January through March)
  8. Driving  in the car with the windows down
  9. Going hiking/walking with my husband
  10. Playing outside with Brayden after school.
  11. It’s Baseball season. Go Red Sox!!!
  12. How much my mood lightens when it is sunny and bright out.
  13. Taking the train into Boston and walking around the city.
  14. Spending our weekends more outdoors than in!
  15. Sleeping with the windows open. (That little bit of time between having the heat still on and needing the air conditioner!)
  16. Wearing clothes that are NOT black or gray!
  17. Grilling dinner pretty much every night of the week.
  18. Sitting outside on our porch, having a cocktail with my husband after Brayden goes to bed.
  19. Easter with my huge family and the very elaborate egg hunt we do for the kids!
  20. April Vacation Week!



7 thoughts on “SOLSC Day 20: Spring is Here!

  1. Just today the aide at physical therapy and I were talking about how we are tired of wearing winter colors. So I was delighted to find that on your list. And so many other wonderful reasons to welcome spring. Did you see my slice yesterday on 19 reasons I am a Slicer?

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    1. Thanks for letting me know. I just checked out your slice and loved your list!! This challenge has been such an awesome experience and I agreed with so many of your reasons! As a newbie I have loved it!


  2. I love #3. Fresh air.. Oh, the joy of being able to air out my house and my classroom by opening the windows! I love doing this and blasting the music as I clean and organize. Your list is so up beat and happy.


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