SOLSC Day 19: Small trip down memory lane

I woke up this morning thinking about college. Which is weird because I really haven’t thought about my time as an undergraduate at Bridgewater State College in a very long time, yet when I opened my eyes and was in that “fog” before you’re truly awake, I was thinking about the big cafeteria where I used to meet a group of friends that were from my hometown for a late breakfast/early lunch in between classes. I am guessing I must have been having a dream about it, because the memories truly came out of nowhere. I mean, This was all a life time ago, and I never even think about  it, but for some reason this morning I could remember all the details of the campus and that big, bright, open cafeteria we used to meet at.

While I did live on campus my first year, I ended up commuting after that. The drive was only about 4o minutes and even when my parents were paying room and board, I was home every other weekend to work at my job and to see my boyfriend and my friends. Since it was pretty close, many kids from my home town went to college there, and it was not uncommon to see familiar faces on campus. There were actually a bunch of us “Norwood” kids that commuted to school there, and even though some of us didn’t know each other that well before BSC, we became a pretty close-knit group from hanging out together there. Some of us actually began commuting together when we could, and we started to hang out back at home, meeting out for dinner and drinks, etc.  One of the girls that ended up becoming one of my closest friends from BSC  was actually the girlfriend of my long-term high school boyfriend. It sounds weird, but we hit it off from the start and she was fun and funny and we were instant friends. Luckily, I had stayed friends with my ex and his group of friends, so from hanging out with her, I was spending a lot of time with him too, but it seemed completely normal! Okay, yes at first I think  it was a bit weird for him that his ex-girlfriend and his new girlfriend were such good friends, commuted to school together and were pretty much inseparable, but not for her or I. He got over it, especially since I dated his best friend for the next THREE years. Ha. Looking back now it’s all pretty crazy, but it was such a fun time in my life, and we were all so young. Only in our small town  of Norwood can going off to college actually expand your circle of friends at home. Needless to say she and I are still friends twenty something years later, well past our college boyfriends and our time at the BSC cafeteria. Oh.. good times.


6 thoughts on “SOLSC Day 19: Small trip down memory lane

  1. College days leave such a lasting impression, don’t they? I enjoyed sharing your trip down memory lane. I love the story about your friendship with your ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend. Thanks to the initiative of one of my college friends, a group of us are getting together this summer for a week to celebrate our 50th birthday year. Now that will certainly be a trip down memory lane!

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  2. I like how you describe that time as you awake – “when I opened my eyes and was in that “fog” before you’re truly awake,” At least for me, I often have really clear images of earlier times. So glad today took you back to a fun time as your circle of friends widened. From this post, it seems you could tell a few more small moments from your college days!

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  3. Even 30 years later, I still think about my days at university. I was one of three people from my high school who went to my school. They weren’t really close friends, so I had to find my way on my own, not an easy feat for an introvert.


  4. I often wonder where these memories are located. There are times when something will just hit me and things from long ago would come flooding back.

    Once on recess duty the sun was hot enough, there was a low flying helicopter and I had this sudden feeling that I was in Somalia again. Another time the soft rain will remind me of a trip I took with my grandfather.

    Are the memories just trapped waiting for something to bring them back?


  5. It’s so funny how something can trigger a memory, for me it was the Elton John concert I attended last week. The memories from high school were so vivid and just came flooding back. I loved how you described the bright cafeteria and the community of friends you shared.

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