SOLSC Day 18: First hour of the day

I awoke from a sound sleep at exactly 7:04 am to someone crawling on me. When I opened one eye to look at the clock my first thought was thank god it’s at least 7:00 as Brayden usually likes to come in and get into bed around six am. (Thank you Day Light Savings Time!) So.. my day began. I thought for the 18th day of the challenge, and this month, I would list 18 things that I got done today in my first sixty minutes of being awake. All done by 8:04 am. 🙂

  1. Cuddled for a few minutes with my six-year-old in bed while answering at least 18 questions.
  2. Peed (Sorry if TMI)
  3. Washed my face and brushed my teeth.
  4. Emptied the dishwasher
  5. Made my protein shake with berries and almond/coconut milk.
  6. Made scrambled eggs for my son.
  7. Cleaned up all the breakfast dishes.
  8. Made and drank my first cup of coffee.
  9. Brought out the trash and the recyclable items to the bins outside.
  10. Paid my cell phone bill and my visa bill online through my phone.
  11. Made a quick grocery list for my husband to pick up on his way home from the firehouse.
  12. Talked to my husband, and gave him the list!
  13. Helped my very frustrated six-year old snap in a Lego piece he couldn’t get.
  14. Put in my workout DVD that I plan on doing in a bit.
  15. Went down to the basement and folded the laundry that I had in the dryer from last night.
  16. Peed again! (I go A LOT) 🙂
  17. Made a 2nd cup of coffee while checking Facebook and email.
  18. Sat down on the couch to watch the episode of “Fixer Upper” I had saved on the DVR for a few quiet minutes before I REALLY start my day.

So, after my bit of down time I settled down to write my slice and next up.. the basement for my Insanity workout! Then it’s into the shower, getting ready and making a guacomole dip for the family birthday party we have this afternoon for my cousin’s son 1st birthday. It’s going to be a good day!



13 thoughts on “SOLSC Day 18: First hour of the day

  1. If you didn’t write it down, your later self would not believe how much you do in your present life!
    I had a chuckle about the peeing. I think that I go often on the weekends because I can, compared to the teaching day where you have to schedule your opportunities to pee!
    I also take away from your piece o good unspoken message- do the work and it will be a good day. Take care of yourself and others and it will be a good day. Enjoy your day<3

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  2. I’m a morning person and love to get things done in the morning, but I am not nearly as productive as you. Although you’ve done a lot it doesn’t sound hurried or rushed. There are so many choices that you make each day to be healthy, have balance and take time or your family. Nice.

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  3. I feel like a slacker! I love the rhythm of your list. What a great way to pay homage to your productivity while also looking forward to a wonderful rest of your day!

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  4. Love this idea. Some days I feel I run in circles and believe I get nothing done all day. I think making a list like this will make me feel accomplished. That feeling will help me grow.

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  5. I had to smile as I read this post because of the video I’ve seen circulating all day of the parody of the dad who was interrupted by his kids during his BBC interview. If you haven’t seen it, it’s the mom version–and it totally nails the millions of things we do so efficiently. I love this and hope the rest of your day was a good balance of this level of productivity and some “down” time.


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