SOLSC-Day 17: A Big Misunderstanding

So first, Happy St. Patrick’s Day all! Due to the “holiday” my school (as most I’m sure) is filled with students and staffed decked out in their green! As teachers, we love days when we get permission from our principal to dress down. We try to have “Dress down” Fridays as often as possible. One way we get it approved is to have “Dress Down Day” for small donations to charities, etc.

Well, Brayden’s school just happens to be doing a fundraiser right now for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, so I thought this would be a great cause for our St. Patty’s Day Dress down. Especially since Leukemia is also the type of cancer that my brother had and passed from. So, Yesterday when I came into school I ran the idea by my principal, and she was all for it! She said for me to spread the word and she’d also send a message to the staff to let them know.

Fast-forward to 2:45 pm yesterday. Five minutes before the bell and my class in the middle of a heated discussion about Child Labor with myself and our reading specialist after reading an informational article  when I notice that my phone keeps buzzing at my desk. When the bell rings and my kids start to pack up, I go over to check it and realize I have two text messages from staff members that weren’t in the building yesterday. The music teacher and our school adjustment counselor who both travel between two buildings. The first one I read says, “Oh my god! I just read Ms. K’s text! What is happening? Is Brayden ok?”  the next one. “Maura, What?! What is going on?!! Ms. K just sent a text and I’m freaking out!”

So I open the text that was sent to the entire staff from our remind app. It reads, “Dress Down tomorrow for donations to Brayden Belanger’s Leukemia Drive.” Um, what?!! Ha. Within seconds of me reading this, one of the other 5th grade teachers flies into my room with her phone. Two of the teachers in the building are texting HER worried about Brayden. Yikes! Talk about a misunderstanding.

So, needless to say there were many, many, worried staff members and friends upon receiving this message due to the way it was worded and I needed to do damage control. I sent out an email to the entire staff and explained that our dress down day was for Brayden’s SCHOOL Fundraiser and that he was absolutely fine. It really goes to show how a text can be very misleading!!



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