SOLSC Day 13: Bracing for the Storm

I really, truly am trying to convince myself that somehow this huge northeaster that is heading straight to Boston tomorrow won’t happen. Ugh, ugh, ugh. They have been talking about this one since late last week, and the forecast really isn’t getting much better. (12-18 + inches) 18 + means… a heck of a lot of snow! Even my 5th graders today don’t have their usual excitement to them when they KNOW they are going to get a snow day and a day off. In December, January even February we’d be okay, but let’s be honest, March storms tend to be the worst!!! At this point, we’ve experienced the first signs of Spring, we have had a few 60+ degree days already and we’ve all mentally put the “winter-weather warnings” behind us, and then boom. Here we are. Now making up at least THREE days in June. (Fingers crossed we will be in on Wednesday) which brings us now until Thursday, June 22nd. 😦

So, it looks inevitable and I can’t control the weather, so I just need to look at the bright side. Like, be happy that I won’t have to get up at 5:00 am tomorrow, or that I can stay up later tonight and catch up on shows on my DVR. That I can spend some quality time with Brayden tomorrow as chances of my husband being able to leave the fire house tomorrow morning are slim to none. So, even though we are good on milk and bread, I will be stopping after school today to stock up on Cabernet as winter is truly not over here in New England. Good luck to all you others out there that will be dealing with this storm. Stay safe and stay warm.



5 thoughts on “SOLSC Day 13: Bracing for the Storm

  1. Wow, 12-18 inches! We were excited for the 1 inch the storm dropped here in the Midwest on its way your direction this morning. Stay safe and warm and try to enjoy some extra time at home. Some things–unfortunately–are just beyond our control.

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