SOLSC Day 6: It’s Monday


Monday morning and I’m back to the grind. Yesterday was such a much needed lazy day. The hubby was at the firehouse for a 24 hour shift, so my six year old and I just hung out, did legos, watched movies and vegged. It was so nice. I didn’t stress about cleaning the house, (although I am a bit now) I decided to give myself a break from my school work, and for one day.. I didn’t feel overwhelmed with all that I needed to get done.

However, Now. It’s. Monday. I was up at 5:00 am to workout, sitting here trying to write before we have to leave the house, still need to get breakfast ready for my little one, return to making lunches, packing our bags, and all the things I have to do do this week at school are going around and around in my head. Those feelings of relaxation and peace I had yesterday are gone. It’s Monday. It’s go, go, go… looking forward to the next time I get to stop and breathe. Oh.. I really hope it’s soon.


5 thoughts on “SOLSC Day 6: It’s Monday

  1. I can totally relate!
    Except that today is my birthday and I don’t have time to start those things that NEED to get done tonite, so my stress is higher than it should be!

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