My Love/Hate Relationship with March

March is here and so is the first day of me starting this 31 day journey of writing for the SOL challenge. I’m super excited to begin, but I have to say that this  month  always represents so much for me. First,  is the “start to the end” of the winter season. Today especially, with the weather we have had in New England lately, it truly feels like  spring is coming. As the sun is out more and more, and the days are longer before getting dark, I literally feel an increase in my energy and just find myself in such a better mood!

As a 5th grade teacher, March also means, Test Prep! We are getting into the “season” of our state assessments and it is crunch time. The Math and ELA prep will be beginning and we’ll be going strong all month. Luckily, we have also thrown in a few fun activities for the kiddos too, as it’s all about balance.

Lastly, and the biggest impact is the way this month affects me on a personal level. The first two weeks in March always brings up so many emotions.  My family and I have just gone through so much during this month. Some were happy times, and some were sad ones, but hopefully all will provide me with some good writing material for this challenge. I’m really thinking about so much today as I begin this journey, and I’m feeling that this could turn out to be a very good thing that I decided to take this leap, and do this for myself.


7 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship with March

  1. Happy first day of the Challenge! You have crossed the first hurdle by writing your first post. Maybe this could be a place to write about the events that bring up those emotions in early March. Or maybe not. I always tell my 6th graders that things that bring up lots of emotions usually make for great narratives, but some are sill too sensitive to touch. Have a great month of writing.

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  2. Welcome to the SOL Challenge! This will be my 6th year and I still find myself a bit intimidated and scared to share my thoughts, but this is a wonderful community of caring people. Looking forward to reading your slices this month.

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  3. March is that annoying month. Is it winter? Is it spring? And then there’s the testing looming, ugh! Writing helps to make the month pass quickly. Welcome to this crazy world!


  4. Welcome to the SOL journey. I am a 5th grade writing teacher in New England. This is my 5th year doing this and it is something I am always willing to join. There is nothing like getting feedback from perfect strangers. I can relate to the warmer weather and more daylight. It is New England and it could suddenly change. I understand the ups and downs of March. It can be frustrating, but it is a great month to talk about thoughts and feelings.


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